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APC comment guidelines

APC is committed to ensuring conversation between users remains polite and on-topic at all times.

To protect against comment spam and other risks, we have enabled partial comment moderation.

Comments will be posted to the site immediately, however some comments (especially those with links) will be held and manually reviewed by APC staff before they are made publicly visible.

We respect your right to air your point of view, whatever it may be. However, we reserve the right to edit, reject or delete any post that:

  • Links to pirated material;
  • Encourages illegal activity;
  • Makes comments about a person or company that could be defamatory or libelous;
  • Has a threatening or abusive tone to the messages (including personal attacks, racism, sexism, bias against age);
  • Contains foul language;
  • Has been reported as offensive by another reader;
  • Falsely impersonates someone;
  • Has been repetitively posted (same or similar messages);
  • Is spam (commercially promotes a product or service);
  • Is trying to generate click-through traffic to another site;
  • Is excessively long or poorly formatted;
  • Poses technical or security risks;
  • Includes content of a “for sale” or “wanted to buy” nature;
  • Includes ‘referral’ links designed to generate commission payments;
  • Is very off-topic from the original discussion.
  • Is inappropriate for the APC website for another reason

Posting repeated messages that include content such as the above may cause a temporary or permanent suspension of your ability to comment on this site.

If you find a comment offensive or inappropriate, please click on the “Flag as inappropriate” icon located on the top right corner of every message so it can be reviewed by a moderator.

Thank you