Student sues airline for $1,000,000 over lost Xbox 360

A 21 year old student from Yale University is suing US Airways for $US1 million ($1.53 million) on the grounds that he believes an Xbox 360 game console was taken from his checked luggage during a December flight from New Haven Connecticut to Cincinnati Ohio.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday in Hamilton County Common Pleas court in Ohio.

Though the game system can be purchased new for $AU399.95 Jesse Maiman claims that his console is worth more due to modifications and upgrades. Therefore he is suing US Airways for $US1700 ($2608) for the console itself and $US1 million ($1.53 million) which is the maximum allowed by law for damages.

“That thing was my DVD player” Maiman told the Cincinnati Enquirer in justification of the lawsuit.

A spokesperson for US Airways claims the company has yet to see the lawsuit but pointed out that there is a federal limit of $3300 in which a passenger is allowed to claim for lost baggage. She also made note that the airline’s bagged policy clearly states that the company is not responsible for lost electronic items.