WP7 First Look: The Live Tiles and Hubs interface

The difference between Microsoft’s new mobile OS Windows Phone 7 and competitors such as iPhone Android and Blackberry is evident the moment you switch on a WP7 phone. Whereas the other platforms are fundamentally app launchers with screens full of icons WP7 opens with a set of  dynamic tiles which update with changing content from the phone’s apps. The idea is that all that’s relevant to a user is not buried inside apps but highlighted on the phone’s first screens.

With the WP7 handset on its way to our Labs we took the opportunity at the launch yesterday to run through some of the features of Windows Phone 7 on some test mobiles. 

This captioned video looks at the WP7 interface and its Live Tiles and Hubs.

[Due to the high levels of extraneous noise at the crowded Sydney launch of WP7 we’ve added captions and removed the audio. We’ll do a thorough in-house filming of the phones when they arrive in our labs shortly]