World’s cheapest PC, the $38 Raspberry Pi, gets free RAM upgrade

We’ve discussed the Raspberry Pi at APC before and now the humble little computer (in its Model B version) is getting a RAM upgrade from 256MB to 512MB. Now that might sound like it’s still only a tiny amount of memory and it is but when you consider that the Raspberry Pi is a hobbyist’s device that only costs a stunning $38 — and that the RAM upgrade hasn’t notched up the unit’s pricing — it’s more than a little impressive (ahem).

Founder Eben Upton announced the upgrade this week on the Raspberry Pi blog explaining that one of the most common requests from customers was a more powerful version of the device with extra memory “for people who want to use the Pi as a general-purpose computer with multiple large applications running concurrently”. Rather than shifting on the $38 (US$35) price which Upton claims the charitable Raspberry Pi Foundation is “very attached to” the decision was made to provide a more modest RAM upgrade to all units at no cost. Nice.

For more info on the Raspberry Pi including how to purchase and get started take a look at the official FAQ here. And for a quick example of one potential application for the mini PC check this out:


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