Vista Service Pack 2 RC out to test

Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista (and Windows Server 2008 – all in one handy package) is a less flashy affair than Service Pack 1 which you need to have installed before you upgrade – (think Windows XP Service Pack 3 after all the hype over XP Service Pack 2). With the basic flaws in the OS patched and improved Vista Service Pack 2 is here to tighten things up under the hood.

What new features there are add little for the everyday user. The most practical benefit is improved Wi-Fi support fixing problems with PCs coming out of sleep mode and failing to reconnect to the network.

For those with advanced systems Blu-ray Disc media burning support is added — but there’s no Blu-ray playback (nor will there be even in Windows 7). There is full support for the Bluetooth v2.1 specification which makes pairing devices simpler among other more technical benefits.

On the software side Windows Search 4.0 is also added making finding music files and photos easier. RSS support for the side bar is improved and there are smaller fixes for Windows Media Center. Users also get the entire raft of hot fixes that will update systems not using Windows AutoUpdate.

Above: it ain’t exciting to look at but it may make your copy of Vista suck a little less.

You can find out about the technical side of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Release Candidate on the Technet site and get hold of the various editions from the download page.

While many Windows users will be enjoying their happy life with XP or indeed not waiting and getting hold of Windows 7 (by any means necessary since the end of the official public beta) those with Windows Vista can see some immediate benefits by trying out this release candidate.