Windows 7 Service Pack 1 soon to break cover?

A keen-eyed Windows blogger has spotted a new registry key buried deep within Windows 7 that will allow installation of a new update namely Service Pack 1. Now we’re not suggesting this will be ready for home consumption if fact we’d give it another ten months to coincide with the product’s anniversary before it is officially released. 
Still the key will allow external testers to install W7SP1 and given the amount of public testing that happened with the core product we reckon we’ll be allowed to play with it long before the official release. The big question is what will the pack contain apart from the usual existing updates and fixes that is? Some screen shots are already lurking in the darker corners of the Internet alongside some bizarre YouTube videos from last year but show nothing surprising and Microsoft isn’t talking.
Let us know what you’d like to see in Service Pack 1 and keep your eyes open and wait to play the 2010 version of the slowly-increasing-release-candidate-number-download-game.