Windows 7 RC users, come in, your time is almost up

Windows 7’s free release candidate was probably the best PR Microsoft could get for its new operating system. Trying the whole thing out for free has probably done more for sales word-of-mouth awareness and feedback than any amount of horrific “the sun is shining out of my arse” advertising that Microsoft’s marketing people can come up with.

Yet there are still millions of us who haven’t taken the plunge and now there’s only one month left before Windows 7 RC starts timing out shutting down automatically and generally encouraging users to get a hustle on down to the stores.

So the big question for the hold outs is will you be:

  • Downgrading back to Windows XP
  • Downgrading to Windows Vista
  • Upgrading to a version of Windows 7
  • Deleting the whole thing from your Mac Boot Camp and pretending it was all a dream?

Let us know in the comments.