Windows 7 should get an iTunes-like app store

The app store concept is one of the few bright spots in most technology company arsenals this year. Apple lead the ways with the juggernaut that is iTunes+iPhone while Sony Nintendo and Microsoft all sell games online for their consoles. So it’s a natural step for Microsoft to include a dedicated applications/music/video/games store as part of Windows 7 distinct from the current Microsoft-product only web site (below) Windows Media Player stores and other disparate methods of online shopping that it currently uses.

Microsoft’s current store is for its own products only

The prospects seem good as stores are becoming a part of almost every computer phone or gadget system. For example Sony’s next edition PSP console is rumoured to be digital download only making the PlayStation Network store an essential focal point for users while Nokia launched its own mobile store at Mobile World Congress back in February.

So all the signs are good that Microsoft will add a little icon perhaps with nice beckoning glass doors on the desktop allowing users to buy and download Microsoft’s own range of software as well as that of partner companies perhaps even higher level shareware developers and just maybe – home coders who have created their own unique games ingenious utilities and other programs that Windows users might be crying out for.

The most popular store currently available for PC users is Valve’s Steam gaming service that was an early entrant in terms of offering a buying environment with a community and support service it would certainly be a boost to PC gaming if Steam could play an integral part in Windows’ future. Although since Microsoft does not currently offer its games over Steam perhaps that is a stretch too far.

Either way it would seem strange for Microsoft to release Windows 7 without some type of store given the decline in boxed software and the rise of online shopping. Digging online for hard information late last year there was a flurry of stories about a service called “Skymarket” and some comments from Steve Ballmer about Microsoft’s interest in developing a store when better to launch than alongside Windows 7 or perhaps via the Windows Live route?