Win 7 to be sexier-than-Vista for business

Lost in the waves of news for the home version of Windows 7 today’s being that you can now totally uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 7 business users have been waiting eagerly to see what the Enterprise edition will offer. Microsoft is starting to let the cat out of the bag with an update on the official Windows Blog.

Most impressive and clearly having listened after the lack of interest from some quarters in Vista Enterprise Microsoft revamped the way that industry helps to develop the operating system with lots of early ideas and feedback before any code was written. The focus is on the urgent business need thanks to the current economic climate to manage costs environmental footprint (power usage) contingency planning (disaster recovery) and compliance (e-mail archiving record keeping and so on).

Some of the interesting facts unveiled include the fact that 56% of businesses want help protecting data on laptops memory sticks and so on (solved by BitLocker To Go). 61% of business want to limit what users can install (enter AppLocker) while almost half wanted easier remote access features (DirectAccess).

So Microsoft is making a major effort to impress in the business world where Vista had been perceived to struggle. It talked to 27 active IT leaders across a number of industries including some of the world’s largest manufacturers banks telecoms energy companies and other and used their input for overall direction and feature decisions.

System administrators are being teased by the tempting offer of Microsoft’s Desktop Optimization Pack that is supposed to make it easier for admins to manage hundreds if not thousands of machines faster and easier than before. With the number of variants of Windows 7 streamlined it is possible that Windows 7 Enterprise may be the most popular yet.