When you’re looking for cute

Desktop connectivity is via standard USB and is driver free. We just plugged it in and within a few moments the Sansa was visible in Media Player and ready to play. There’s no extra software to load and the supplied mini-CD is for the manual in PDF form.

Navigation through our music collection was very easy. The small black wheel on the face lights up when clicked revealing intuitive icons for navigating the menu system. As well as the usual options for viewing music by album and artist you can create playlists on the fly and delete tracks easily.

Sound quality using the default settings was lacklustre. However once we tweaked it with the equaliser function it was OK through the supplied headphones although sound was far better through our test kit.

Not surprisingly given it’s name there’s a clip on the back so you can attach the unit to your coat tie or some other article of clothing. We found it a little heavy to be worn like this.

The Sansa Clip also comes in a 2GB model.