Vodafone and 3 unveil iPhone 4 plans

It’s been The Day Of iPhone Plans with Telstra revealing its pricing at 6am Optus mid-morning and now VHA closing the day by detailing dollars and data for Vodafone and 3.

There are eight different plans across both networks. Vodafone kicks off with the cheapest $29 deal bundling 550MB of data with $180 of talk and text plus handset costs of $18 per month for the 16GB iPhone 4 and $24 for the 32GB iPhone 4 (or $12 per month for the 8GB iPhone 3GS) over the lifespan of the 24 month contract.

3 chimes in with a heftier 1.15GB at $39 per month plus $10/month for the 16GB iPhone 4 ($14 for the 32GB model and $5 for the 8GB iPhone 3GS).

A zero upfront iPhone 4 on 3 requires you to sign up for the $79 plan whereas Vodafone’s iPhone 4 freebie fest starts at $69.

We’ve included full details for both carriers below.

3 also has the iPhone 4 available on its standard cap plans.

Note that in all instances the ‘bonus data’ listed is a standard inclusion on a monthly basis across the life of the contract rather than a ‘first month only’ promotional deal.

We asked VHA why they have broken the monthly data allocation into ‘standard’ and ‘bonus’ allocations. “The pricing and tariffs are based on our standard caps” a VHA spokesperson explained. “The bonus data inclusion recognises the additional appetite for data that we are expecting from iPhone 4 customers.”

That might make sense from a VHA marketing perspective but our take is that this approach doesn’t work in VHA’s favour – it’s open to confusion at best and deal-breaking misinterpretation at worst by customers who see only the smaller ‘data’ allowance and consider the ‘bonus’ is a one-off extra lump of data for the first month.

The bottom line is that Vodafone’s $49 plan (for instance) effectively comes with a solid serve of 1.5GB every month this being the total of the 500MB rack rate and 1GB ‘bonus’.