Unleash the gamer within: Cooler Master Storm Enforcer review

If you’re a hardcore gamer in the market for a LAN-friendly mid-tower solution that won’t break your student benefits budget you’ll probably find the Storm Enforcer’s feature list all kinds of “radical” and “gnarly”.

At this price point we can excuse Cooler Master’s reliance upon plastic for much of the case’s exterior. At least it’s nice and chunky plastic so probably won’t shatter when it slides off your LAN table after 36 hours of continuous play. A swinging door hides your external drives while the four USB ports (two of which are super speed USB 3.0) and headphone/mic jacks reside above it. Beneath this sits the air inlet for the whopping 200mm fan that’s strapped to the front of the case and which is packed with red LEDs to lend a menacing look that’s sure to scare your opponents.

It’s not tamed by any kind of fan controller though so be prepared for the inevitable whoosh every time you power up the PC.

Despite being a mid-tower CM has obviously borrowed technology from the Tardis to deliver a surprisingly roomy interior. Four exposed 5.25in and six 3.5in bays await your torrent collection along with another two 2.5in bays. If you’re packing more SSDs two of the 3.5in bays can be converted for the job. With the hard drive cages in their usual position the case can just fit an 11in video card not quite big enough for the gargantuan ATI Radeon HD 6990. No matter though as the middle drive bay can be moved to allow room for these stupidly long cards.

The motherboard tray isn’t removable but it does have a CPU cut out and plenty of holes for cable tidying. While the drive bays are all tool-less it appears CM’s warehouse has run short on thumbscrews using standard Philips-head screws instead.

There’s only one issue with this case – it’s basically feature-identical to many other gamer mid-towers in the $130 price range. Which one you choose will probably come down to aesthetic taste more than anything else.

Available from Cooler Master retailing for $129.
APC rating: 7/10