Server Tour: Opening it up

Once the lid has been removed you can see the internals of the server.
Redundant fans adorn the front of the chassis with storage controllers
and CPU’s immediately behind. Redundant power supplies a PCIe Riser
cage and RAM can also be clearly seen. Note that every component is
oriented to optimise airflow.

A close-up of the front section of the server. Between the fans and CPU heatsinks you can see air
baffles designed to maximise airflow from the fans and through the heatsinks.

the top another air baffle is installed to optimise air flow over the
SAS controller and through to the power supplies. The hole in this air
baffle is required in order to reveal the metal riser that the server
lid latch clips on to.

After the baffle has been removed we can see the SmartArray P400
SAS controller that is installed in this server. The SAS two cables are
connected to the backplane that the SAS hard disk drives connect to.
You can also see the cache board featuring 256MB of memory. The cable
plugged in to the cache board leads to the battery that preserves cache
content in the event of a power cut.

Black plastic clips retain the controller on the main board. The PCIe slot that the controller card
plugs into can be seen just under the card itself.

The cache module can also be replaced allowing for the
provisioning of larger disk caches (some of our HD video encoding
servers utilise 512MB cache modules to improve I/O performance).

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Opening it up
Heatsink CPU and fans
Memory slots and graphics card
Power supply
The USB and LED panels
Storage options
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