Total immersion: ASUS EAH6970 DIRECT CU II review

As ASUS continues rolling out its custom DIRECT CU II graphics card lineup the EAH6970 was certainly not left behind; it comes with a massive triple-slot cooling system that has to be seen to be believed.

The ASUS EAH6970 DIRECT CU II features the CAYMAN XT GPU with an 890MHz core clock frequency and 2GB of GDDR5 operating at 1375MHz tied to a 256-bit memory bus. There are two DVI connections and four display outputs along with the ASUS Super Alloy Power management system and 1536 stream processors. With the ability to run six monitors simultaneously you can see this card is built for Eyefinity configurations.

ASUS has bundled this GPU with its ASUS Smart Doctor and GAMER OSD software; these give you the ability to overclock this card to exceptional speeds while always maintaining superior cooling and quiet operation. But the ASUS EAH6970 really comes into its own when you engage Eyefinity; the picture quality is just astounding! When it comes to full immersion in gaming this really is the way to go.

In the Labs we got to unleash everything this card has to offer. We started off with raising the core clocks to 950MHz but before we knew it – with a slight increase of voltage – we were hitting 1020MHz core clocks. The memory was just as amazing hitting a blistering 1500MHz. We really tested the DIRECT CU II cooling system but this card passed test after test and never exceeded 90°C.

Benchmarking shows what that overclocking headroom gives us; we tested 3DMark Vantage at stock speeds to achieve 23764 marks while our 950MHz overclock picked up extra for a score of 24987. Likewise we go from 252.9 at stock to 273.8 at our overclocked level with Resident Evil 5 fps tests.

The ASUS Super Alloy Power system really does give this card the edge with clean solid and reliable power delivery that’s critical to performance and the digital power phases provide the stability you want when overclocking.

Available from ASUS retailing for $539.
APC rating: 9/10 (Editor’s Choice)