Top 10 most ridiculous movie tech moments

10. Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

Keanu Reeves: has to store 320 GB in his brain and might die from it within 48 hours because he’s only used to carrying 160 GB. Seriously dude… we are speechless at the lameness of this.

9. Independence Day (1996)

Jeff Goldblum hacks into an alien space ship using a Macintosh PowerBook connected to the spaceship via a Parallel printer port.

8. The Lone Gunman (2001)

“We could do this if had one of those new Octium 4’s!” They proceed to swap out the Octium 3 processor for the Octium 4 … without so much as switching the PC off.

7. Demolition Man (1993)

“Access denied. Override?”If only all computers were that easy.

6. The Net (1995)

Throughout the whole movie Sandra Bullock pronounces “modem” to rhyme with “bottom” (it does draw attention to her bottom though which is not necessarily a bad thing). Then she hacks a computer using drag-n-drop.

5. Jurassic Park (1993)

“It’s a UNIX system… I know this…” and the 10 year old girl proceeds to use a 3D fly-flying interface to lock the door of the control room. As it turns out the technology is not ridiculous — this is an actual UNIX program a 3D file system browser called FSV that was created by Silicon Graphics. But the fact that a 10 year old girl would have come across it at school in 1993 is completely implausible. Read more about FSV here.

4. Wargames (1983)

Matthew Broderick defeats a military supercomputer by forcing it to play tic-tac-toe until it learns the meaning of stalemate.

3. GoldenEye (1995)

Bond movies are famous for product placement and in this movie all the computers — whether Mac or PC — were running IBM OS/2 Warp.

2. Swordfish (2001)

Hugh Jackman constructs computer viruses using some sort of 3D modelling program.

1. Firewall (2006)

“10000 songs 10000 accounts it won’t know the difference.”Harrison Ford connects an iPod to a scanner which he sticky tapes to a computer screen to steal information.

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