Today on Android Market: pay just 10 cents for Asphalt 6 HD, Minecraft and more

If you’ve noticed Android Market is running a little slow this morning there’s a pretty good reason for it. In celebration of the fact that Android Market this week exceeded 10 billion app downloads (and is currently clocking an extra billion downloads per month) Google has “partnered” with a number of premium title developers to offer a charitably insane discount on some of Android’s most bankable apps.

10 cents is all you’ll pay today for Minecraft Swiftkey X Asphalt 6 HD Fieldrunners HD Great Little War Game (a personal fave) Color & Draw for Kids Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro Paper Camera Sketchbook Mobile and Soundhound Infinity. The regular prices for these titles of course vary but Minecraft for example usually sets you back $6.99 so the savings are considerable.

What’s heartening is that the promotion hasn’t settled for a ragtag bunch of smartphone cruddleware; these are all pretty top-tier apps from noted devs. (It’d be interesting to know the terms of their involvement with the sale…) And the best part? Tomorrow there’ll be a whole new swathe of cut-price goodies. Whether Google can keep the quality on par with today’s offerings remains to be seen but it’s a merry time to be an Android user.