This SSD aces it: OCZ Agility 3 review

OCZ’s Agility range of SSDs are marketed as mid-range performance. What this normally means is a considerable price and performance drop over the company’s high end products. OCZ has certainly obliged with the price drop but broken tradition with the performance drop in fact the performance differences are barely noticeable.

The OCZ Agility 3 240GB is a SATA3 SSD with a maximum read of 525MB/s and write of 500MB/s. When you look at the specifications of OCZ’s high end Vertex 3 SSD offering a maximum read of 550MB/s and write of 520MB/s and consider the 20% price difference you realise how great the value of the Agility range really is.

The maximum performance figures supplied by manufactures are always generated under special conditions so we set out to gather our own set.

Comparing the Agility 3 directly against the Vertex 3 we found the Agility was up to 25% faster than its pricier older sibling in sequential read and write operations.

Random read and write operations were another story though with the Vertex shining through and taking a 30% advantage. Random performance is more important in everyday computing and is exactly why OCZ has priced the Vertex 20% more expensive than the Agility. In our favourite Windows 7 cold boot test it took both drives 16 seconds to boot into windows displaying how close these drives actually are in real world performance.

OCZ has put together a great drive in the Agility 3 while it’s not faster than the more expensive Vertex 3 it does outperform older SATA2 SSDs by up to 75% in some tests. The combination of the aggressive pricing good random performance and incredible sequential performance make this SSD a great choice for any application.

Available from OCZ retailing for $360.
APC rating: 9/10 (Editor’s Choice)