Getting “the special equipment”!

Do not scroll beyond this point unless you are over 18 and will not be offended by images of a sexual nature.

If your mission is romance you need to head to the shops. Why? If you are a male avatar and remove your pants you’ll realise that a critical piece of equipment is missing. In a bizarre kind of organ trade Second Life avatars need to buy genitalia before they can consider themselves “complete.”

If Jeb takes off his pants he’ll get a shock.

Hello Ken doll ! Jeb’s going to need something there for encounters of the romantic kind in Second Life. It’s time to go shopping.

Before he starts searching Jeb doesn’t forget to put his pants back on.

At this point if you’re a basic member with no Linden dollars to your name look for “free penis” links. If you’re happy to use your credit card you can omit the “free.” Right now Jeb searches for “free penis.”

Some vendors who claim to offer free penises make their free merchandise difficult to find. Jeb couldn’t find any free penises in here despite the store claiming it has them.

But here’s one at another store. It comes with head up display (HUD) controls and is free. Jeb right clicks on it and selects Buy. This penis is free but the process is the same as buying it.

A box shows the contents of the package.

The object has been added to Jeb’s inventory. He’s ready to try it on. But should Jeb want to select from a wider range of penises with more functionality he will need to consider producing his credit card.

Premium Penises

As with most things when you buy a penis in Second Life you get what you pay for you. Free penises are relatively simple with limited functionality. Paid-for-penises come with more options.

Type in “penis” to find some penis stores.

There are countless stores selling penises of many varieties.

The details of the organs can be astounding. And prices vary depending on functionality and realism.

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