The Ultimate iPhone User Guide: Copy & Paste

What’s that you’ve gotten yourself a shiny new iPhone? Our comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your iPhone will have you up and running in no time.

Copying and pasting text and screenshots

Just like on a desktop computer there are lots of reasons why you might want to copy and paste text. There might be a chunk of an email you want to paste into a Word document or a passage in a website that you’d like to preserve in a note. iOS has made this fairly easy to do. Go to the first or last word in the sentence or paragraph that you’d like to copy and press and hold on it until a magnifying glass appears.

Tap the ‘Copy’ option then tap the marker at the front of the word (if it’s the last word of the text you’d like to copy) or the marker at the end of the word (if it’s the first word of the text you’d like to copy) and drag it so the blue highlight covers the entire passage you’d like to copy then tap the ‘Copy’ option to copy it to the iPhone’s clipboard.

For editable text such as in an email note or text message you’re writing you’ll also get the option to cut the text. To paste the text you’ve copied or cut place the cursor where want the text to appear press and hold on the cursor until the magnifying glass appears then select the ‘Paste’ option.

Another way to preserve text – or anything else you’re currently viewing on the screen – is to take a screenshot. Press the home button and sleep/power button simultaneously and you’ll hear the sound of the camera shutter. You’ll be able to find that screenshot in the camera roll in the Photos app.

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