Thanks for letting us pirate

Piracy: F**k yeah!


According to Romania’s president Traian Băsescu piracy rocks — and he recently thanked Bill Gates for it during a  conference.

Gates was in the country celebrating Microsoft’s new global technical support centre in the nation’s capital Bucharest.

Curiously thanks in a large part to rampant piracy employees at the new facility are familiarised with the software giant’s wares.

Romania couldn’t be more proud of this fact.

“Piracy helped the young generation discover computers. It set off the development of the IT industry in Romania” flaunted the Romanian president.

Piracy “helped Romanians improve their creative capacity in the IT industry which has become famous around the world” he continued “Ten years ago it was an investment in Romania’s friendship with Microsoft and with Bill Gates.”

Throughout the joint news conference Gates apparently didn’t utter a word. No doubt he was overwhelmed by the deep sense of involuntary charity.

“Yarrr! To arms me lads! Let’s fetch us some Vista spoils” several people weren’t necessarily overheard shouting in central Bucharest.

According to ‘experts’ Reuters says around 70 percent of all software in Romania is pirated.

Whether a technical support centre will help dilute the whole piracy thing remains to be seen. The waterfront access probably doesn’t help.

President “where’s me blasted eyepatch” Băsescu and bonafide honorary pirate Bill Gates.

The other option would be open source software but the piracy-inclined country seemingly gains too much excitement from looting intangible booty.

Looting with a twist perhaps because salespeople currently visit central office buildings in the nation’s capital and pitch said pirated software to potentially loot-hungry companies.

The sea lubbers over at must be prescient as they foretold an upcoming and likely common phrase in Romania’s new technical support facility.

It goes something like “Ye bent my ear with yer lubberly questions WITHOUT tryin a reboot first? Arrr! It’s the plank for you ye mangy cur… and thank ye for calling Microsoft Tech Support!”

Microsoft tech support is about to be awesome at least in Romania.