Take your gaming to the next level: BenQ XL2410T review

In order to make the BenQ XL2410T appealing to gamers BenQ has employed a range of strategies. For a start it teamed up with professional Counter-Strike players who helped design the monitor building a 24in LED backlit bundle of joy that anyone would want hooked up to their PC.

It has a 2ms GTG response time coupled with a 120Hz refresh rate to keep even the pickiest hardcore FPS players happy. And of course the major draw card is that it’s NVIDIA 3D Vision ready so you can get your stereoscopic game on.

Unlike some models the BenQ doesn’t ship with any 3D glasses which will cost you about $200 separately. The monitor itself has a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a dynamic contrast ratio that’s so far off the charts it’s meaningless. In either the special gaming mode or when just tooling around the desktop we couldn’t get even a whisker of lag from the XL2410T.

While it does use a TN panel colour reproduction and viewing angles are acceptable though there is little backlight variation and bleed across the screen.

We tested with a bog standard NVIDIA 3D Vision setup and had no problem with blurriness or crosstalk. The XL2410T uses the HDMI 1.3 standard so you can’t connect it up to other 3D capable devices.

The stand on the BenQ is really quite good with full height tilt and rotation adjustments. You can also flip the monitor into portrait mode – useful for things like flight sims. The BenQ has both HDMI and DVI ports (as well as a legacy VGA connector) and a picture in picture mode if you just can’t decide which one to use.

There is also a mode where you can set the BenQ to mimic a smaller screen instead of displaying a full size image. This is a gamer focused feature where you need to run specific monitor sizes or resolutions. You can also personalise the settings and store profiles.

Even if you shop around expect to pay at least $500 for the XL2410T. Still that’s a lot better than the $699 RRP.

Available from BenQ retailing for $699.
APC rating: 7/10