Venom BlackBook 14 Zero review

Lets be frank for a minute: in the rows and rows of laptops that adorn many of Australia’s major electronics retailers, it can be pretty hard to stand out. It’s therefore good to see a machine from an Aussie mob taking a fair crack at it.

Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Surface 2

Microsoft tries to smooth out the cracks in its original Surface offerings. If you thought Microsoft needed to do something radical to stake its claim in the tablet wars …

Build your own Apple Mac

It goes against the Apple licence agreement, but making your own Apple Mac computer has spawned a huge underground community. Darren Yates reveals the best hardware for the job.

What does Intel Haswell mean for the future of the PC?

The PC isn’t dying but you’d have to say it’s not doing too well. That’s the message from the first-quarter 2013 global PC shipment figures from market analyst IDC. Compared with the same period in 2012 this year’s first-quarter figures were down nearly 14% the largest drop in history and IDC has no qualms about…