How to make your own Android ROM

In this first part of a new series, Darren Yates begins looking at how you can bake your own custom ROM, starting with an introduction to virtualisation and the Android Kitchen …

Build your own Apple Mac

It goes against the Apple licence agreement, but making your own Apple Mac computer has spawned a huge underground community. Darren Yates reveals the best hardware for the job.

How to unroot your Galaxy S3 and flash it back to stock ROM

Rooting your phone and even trying out new ROMs is part and parcel of being a hardcore enthusiast. But sometimes you need to go back to the way things were. Here’s how to do that.

Best apps for Android, July 2013

NFC Task LauncherHave your phone do just about anything after a quick NFC tap.Price: Free | By: Tagstand | From: Google PlayNow that smartphones with built-in near-field communication (NFC) are – after years of promise – finally becoming commonplace (although Apple will say otherwise) we’re finally beginning to see interesting and useful apps pop up.NFC…