How to create a PC for retro games

Retro’s not just for fashion, it’s for games too. Nathan Taylor shows you how to create your own retro gaming PC for cheap and turn it into your favourite old console using emulation.

Android RunTime (ART): how it works

One of Android KitKat’s many additions isn’t designed for mainstream usage just yet, but its inclusion gives an important insight into the operating system’s future.

Supercharge your Steam games

Ah Steam we love thee. With the Summer Sale now finished our wallets thinner and game libraries fatter it’s time to get down to some the serious business of playing.Only where are you going to put all these games? And if gaming is your hobby you more than likely have a decent PC – perhaps…

How to improve gaming performance on your Linux machine

You’ll need this: Nvidia linux driver – Head to and download the latest driver (for info on AMD on Ubuntu see this page on BinaryDriverHowto) Custom kernel – We used Zen kernel 3.8.8-zen which can be found at gitbut. Now that Valve’s digital distribution platform is here for Linux along with a collection of…