The 6 best tablet keyboards for any tablet

Jenneth Orantia taps and types away on Bluetooth keyboards to determine which is the best accessory for your tablet.

Best Android apps June 2014

Every month, APC collates the best Android apps arriving on the Google Play Store. This month, we’re enjoying the wonders of IFTTT productivity, remote desktop control and a beautiful carousel of photos.

How to unroot your Galaxy S3 and flash it back to stock ROM

Rooting your phone and even trying out new ROMs is part and parcel of being a hardcore enthusiast. But sometimes you need to go back to the way things were. Here’s how to do that.

Sync and send SMS from your Android tablet

Tablets are great for reading or watching videos during your daily commute but it can be a bit of a task when after receiving an SMS you to have to juggle your bag your tablet and your phone while keeping your balance during the bus driver’s less-than-delicate and all-too-regular brake dance (see what I did…

How to root your Android phone

The first question any hardcore Android user asks when they get hold of a new phone is: ‘How do I root it?’ The answer is by following this step-by-step guide!

BlackBerry Z10 review

The first new BlackBerry in a long time is also the first to be running BlackBerry’s OS 10. It’s an entirely new code base running on a 4.2-inch 1280 x 768-pixel (356ppi) touchscreen device. The Z10 proves how …

Best apps for Android, May 2013

Tasker The ultimate app for task automation. Price: $3.49 | By: Crafty Apps | From: Google Play There are many Android users out there for whom the mere mention of Tasker will bring a proud tear or two to their geeky eyes. The reason for this pride comes from the unmitigated power that this app…

Automate backups of your Android device

  Backing up is that task that every geek knows they should do but like shaving their neck don’t do as often as they should. With so many precious things now stored on your handset (I’m talking game progress as well as photos here) it’s more than just a dollar cost when you leave your…

Arduino Project 4: Enhancing your mini robot

Rolly our first autonomous microbot now enhanced to do more. You’ll need these: HC-SR04 – Get this ultrasonic sensor from for $2. SG90 Servo Motor – We’ve seen this servo selling for around $4 on ebay. Motor drive shield – You can get this expansion board for $5 online. If you’re new to APC…