How to secure your Android web browsing

It makes sense to take the time to encrypt any data travelling across free Wi-Fi networks, so here’s how to secure your browsing on Android.

How to stream music remotely with Linux

With music files scattered over various devices, we show you how to use Subsonic to try to bring some order to the chaos of your audio library so you can start enjoying your music collection on any device or multiple devices at the same time.

Seagate Central review

Ready to go right of the box. A single-bay NAS might not sound like your typical offering but the Seagate Central is aimed at those who just want a simple …

How to tweet with your Arduino

An Arduino sending tweets? Absolutely! Darren Yates shows you how to get your Arduino its own Twitter account and tweeting automatically …

Arduino Project 6: Web-controlled music player

Our NetPlay project is built on a standard breadboard. In our previous Arduino masterclass we briefly introduced the Ethernet Shield an Arduino expansion board that adds Ethernet connectivity plus microSD card storage. We used that storage as the basis of a simple one-button digital audio player. It was functional but limited to 8-bit mono WAV…