The best Chromecast alternatives

Everyone is talking Chromecast, but it’s not the only way to wireless streaming nirvana. Darren Yates begins his look at Chromecast alternatives already available.

How to stream music remotely with Linux

With music files scattered over various devices, we show you how to use Subsonic to try to bring some order to the chaos of your audio library so you can start enjoying your music collection on any device or multiple devices at the same time.

How to build your own NAS box

While there’s a wide range of NAS products available to help you quickly and easily add a NAS to your network there is another way.

Arduino Project 5: Digital audio player

So far in this series we’ve had a diverse look at how Arduino can interact with a range of real-world devices from servo motors to ultrasonic range finders TVs to humidity sensors. Now we’ll see if we could get the Arduino to make a few sounds. We’ll actually do a bit better than that -…

Get console gaming on your mini PC

The Big Ben PS3 Parental Controller a wireless PS3 controller for under $20. The MK802 can use this PS3 controller but could use a bit more GPU speed. It’s the computer that just keeps on surprising. It started out as the first computer in a USB stick the first to dual-boot with Ubuntu 12.04 and…

Raspberry Pi 512MB review

Price: $41.80  |  From:  |  Rating: 9 out of 10. Editor’s Choice!The original Pi had two main issues: its relatively low 700MHz clock speed and its smallish 256MB cache of RAM. Since its release factory-backed overclocking to 1GHz has become a reality and the RAM issue has now been addressed with this new second-gen…