How to build your own NAS box

While there’s a wide range of NAS products available to help you quickly and easily add a NAS to your network there is another way.

Apple goes 64-bit for new iPhone 5S

The annual iPhone refresh has come again with Apple confirming months of rumour by introducing an integrated fingerprint scanner in the home button of the iPhone 5S. Given the Apple-friendly moniker of Touch ID the scanner …

How to unroot your Galaxy S3 and flash it back to stock ROM

Rooting your phone and even trying out new ROMs is part and parcel of being a hardcore enthusiast. But sometimes you need to go back to the way things were. Here’s how to do that.

How to root your Android phone

The first question any hardcore Android user asks when they get hold of a new phone is: ‘How do I root it?’ The answer is by following this step-by-step guide!

Hands on with Motorola’s new RAZR HD and RAZR M

Motorola’s first major smartphones since being acquired by Google bring 4G speeds to the table and their famed Kevlar backing but are more of a refinement of previous RAZR models than a complete Nexus-style reboot. Back last year when Google announced it was acquiring Motorola the most enticing prospect of the whole deal for gadget…

iPhone 5 vs The World: Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus & Nokia Lumia 920 specs compared

The iPhone 5 is here and it’s predictably already selling like hotcakes. Over at our sister site TechLife we’ve taken a look at how the latest iPhone compares against its iPhone 4S predecessor but what about its key rivals across the Android and Windows Phone landscapes?Samsung Galaxy S IIISamsung’s hugely successful Galaxy S III wears…

Travelling with your iPhone

First things first. You’ll need to sort out your mobile data for use overseas. Given the exorbitantly high cost of global data roaming this isn’t a feasible option for regular use. You have two options: you can take your existing micro-SIM out of your iPhone and replace it with a local prepaid SIM in your…