The 6 best tablet keyboards for any tablet

Jenneth Orantia taps and types away on Bluetooth keyboards to determine which is the best accessory for your tablet.

Build your own Apple Mac

It goes against the Apple licence agreement, but making your own Apple Mac computer has spawned a huge underground community. Darren Yates reveals the best hardware for the job.

10 reasons why the PC isn’t dying

In our ‘Future of the PC’ poll, APC readers tell us why the PC isn’t going to be replaced by mobile devices anytime soon.

Automating backups with Windows Home Server

Naturally another great feature of a home server especially if you’ve given it a bit of space is as a central repository for your backups – and not just your desktop PC but for every computer in the house. Windows Home Server makes it easy to not only back up all your computers but automate…

Very flexible: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3TB USB 3.0 review

The FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3TB USB 3.0 is the desktop variant of the GoFlex Ultra-portable and it boasts the same GoFlex technology: the base of the drive can be detached and replaced with one that supports eSATA FireWire or Thunderbolt. None of those will likely improve the performance of the drive although they may make…

Mac moves closer to iOS with new Mac OS X “Mountain Lion”

Apple has unveiled the Developer Preview for the next iteration of its Mac OS X operating system dubbed “Mountain Lion” which adopts a number of features from the company’s iOS mobile platform while pruning the overall system name to a simpler “OS X”. Mountain Lion the successor to last year’s Lion release is the ninth…