How to secure your Android web browsing

It makes sense to take the time to encrypt any data travelling across free Wi-Fi networks, so here’s how to secure your browsing on Android.

How to stream music remotely with Linux

With music files scattered over various devices, we show you how to use Subsonic to try to bring some order to the chaos of your audio library so you can start enjoying your music collection on any device or multiple devices at the same time.

Access Netflix on your iPad

You’ll need this: A US itunes account. Your Australian account won’t work with Netflix but it’s easy to set up a US-based one. Netflix: Once you have a US iTunes account download Netflix from the App Store The paid video streaming options you can access on your iPad in Australia are a little better than…

Build a smart TV network

  To do this you’ll need: Hardware: You’ll need something to serve the files from. This can be a lowly NAS box or a more substantial system if you want to make use of full transcoding though many formats play directly. Software: A DLNA server of some description would be useful. We’re going to use…