PSUs without the high price

New, more power-efficient Intel CPUs allow for smaller power supply units. Darren Yates rounds up eight of the latest affordable PSUs.

Build your own Apple Mac

It goes against the Apple licence agreement, but making your own Apple Mac computer has spawned a huge underground community. Darren Yates reveals the best hardware for the job.

Gaming laptop review: MLN Venom BlackBook 15

  Price: $1799  |  Website: If you had the chance how would you go about designing a gaming laptop? If the answer is ‘inexpensive powerful and with low-key looks’ then you’re thinking along roughly the same lines as Australian retailer MLN which is exactly what it’s aiming for with its Venom BlackBook range. This…

Future of the PC Poll [now fixed!]

[Apologies to users who tried to take the poll earlier a coding error meant the poll required registration. That is no longer the case]What’s with the PC dying? We love tablets and smartphones as much as anyone but we can’t see how the PC (or versions of it) will become extinct. The PC is and…