How to create a PC for retro games

Retro’s not just for fashion, it’s for games too. Nathan Taylor shows you how to create your own retro gaming PC for cheap and turn it into your favourite old console using emulation.

How to build your own NAS box

While there’s a wide range of NAS products available to help you quickly and easily add a NAS to your network there is another way.

Best apps for Windows Phone, March 2013

Weave News Reader Possibly the best-looking RSS reader on Windows Phone. Price: Free / $10.49 |  By: Developer |  Store: Windows Phone Store Weave is a beautiful news reader not dissimilar to Flipboard only you know it works on Windows Phone. The app has been available since 2010 but recently underwent a complete overhaul and the results…

How to build a Linux router

The latest most expensive routers include so many facilities you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’re more like PCs than tools for networking. This thought should lead you to wonder why you can’t use a regular PC to do the same thing. The answer thanks to Linux is you can and it’s very easy. There…