Travel tech essentials

When you’re travelling, taking the right tech can make the difference between a good trip and a great one. We reveal our essential travel-oriented gadgets.

Networking supertest: router reviews

Want to create the best hardware setup for your home network? Nathan Taylor rounds up the top routers and accessories available today.

Great for guests: Belkin N600 DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router review

The Belkin N600 DB features of the handiest features we’ve seen from a consumer-level router in some time: guest access.A single less than ideal client I have on my home network means I can’t password-protect my server. The client (a streaming media player for playing music outside) won’t allow me to use anything but a…

Ethernet over power lines: WD Livewire review

If you’ve recently renovated or built a home yet forgot the most important item of all – dedicated Gigabit Ethernet access to each room – hang your head in shame. Shouldn’t you be reading Dolly instead of APC? Thankfully we’ve got a way to wire those homes where wireless just doesn’t cut it. WD’s new…

ABC iView coming to the iPad, iPhone, Android

Following my revelatory experience with Sony’s iView-enabled BluRay player yesterday I spoke to Arul Baskaran who is the Controller Multiplatform for ABC TV and asked him when iView would be expanding beyond its Flash shackles to other platforms such as the iPad. I expected this to be some super top-secret kind of thing where it’d…