Specs for Google Chrome netbook leaked

About a week ago I mentioned that Google was looking to sell its own branded netbooks that would run its Chrome OS. Today the supposed specs for the first of the Chrome netbooks have been leaked online. According to the leaked info the netbook is set to sell for under $US300 or about $338 here at home.

The specs for the machine promise a 10.1-inch screen and an ARM-based processor. The NVIDIA Tegra platform is said to be powering the graphics for the machine. The screen will be a multi touch panel with a 1280 x 720 resolutions and storage will be to a large 64GB SSD.

Other leaked specs include WiFi 2GB of RAM 3G connectivity Bluetooth Ethernet a webcam memory card reader and optional GPS. Bluetooth and an Ethernet jack are also said to be integrated. Power is said to be from either a 4-cell or a 6-cell battery. If this machine is able to hit the promised price point with Tegra graphics multi touch and a 64GB SSD that CPU had better be dirt cheap. The specs don’t read like a bargain netbook to me.