Sophos releases ‘Klingon Anti-Virus’ software

There are a lot of lame product tie-ins for blockbuster movies but this one has got to be among the coolest.

Even better is that it’s not an official tie-in just the work of an enthusiastic bunch of programmers with the backing of a company smart enough to have a little fun rather than run scared of potential legal action.

Klingon Anti-Virus is a malware scanner from Sophos with the entire UI translated into the language of Star Trek’s fierce and ferociously popular warrior race.

Yes the Klingon language does exist – formally known as Klingonese it was created by US linguist Marc Okrand for use in the movies and later TV shows and has spawned a range of books from The Klingon Dictionary to Klingon translations of Hamlet and The Bible.

(You can also change Google’s preferences to set Klingon as the interface language which the search engine uses to display tips and messages.)

As for the software? Well it’s a clever marketing gimmick which Sophos offers as a free download. But it’s only a malware scanner rather than a utility to remove viruses and other alien incursions upon your PC. And if you don’t have a working knowledge of Klingon there’s not much you can do with the software.

But the download site is worth a visit by any Trek fan for its innumerable Trek references and in-jokes (including the Release Notes) not to mention the video demo of the software with the backing track of The Village People’s YMCA being sung in Klingon (plus karaoke-style lyrics so you can sing along). It beats Klingon opera any day…