Sony officially joins the netbook race, nevermind that Vaio P

Sony has more Vaio models that you can shake a stick at but no “official” netbooks on its books until now. Most of us would consider the Vaio P a netbook but Sony refuses to see the reality of what the Vaio P actually is.

Today Sony has announced its first official netbook model called the Vaio W. If you were hoping for a snazzy design and some interesting features to set the upscale priced Vaio W apart from its peers you will be disappointed. The only feature that is any different from the other masses of 10.1-inch netbooks on the market is the dubya’s 1366 x 768 screen resolution.


I’m not sure exactly what good a 720p HD resolution will do you on a netbook that judging from the hardware specs probably won’t stream HD content well. Other than the screen resolution the remainder of the specifications for the netbook are common.

The Vaio W gets a 1.6GHz Atom processor Windows XP Home 1GB of RAM a 160GB HDD Wi-Fi and a media streaming software pack called Vaio Media Plus. According to reports the price tag for the netbook is going to be about $US629 ($AUD799 — but expect it to cost much more when it officially hits Australia). That is at least twice what the machine is worth in my opinion. Sony has another big bag of fail on its hands to go along with the Vaio P me thinks.