So you bought a new MacBook Pro last week, and now it’s the ‘old’ model?

That MacBook Pro you saved for and finally bought last week? Until last night it was Apple’s latest and greatest. Now it’s officially the ‘old’ model after an across the board refresh to Apple’s entire MacBook Pro family.

All six new models are dramatically faster especially when it comes to handling graphics with larger hard drives and longer battery life. And to rub salt into the wound they’re also anywhere from $100 to $400 cheaper than what you just paid.

Feel like kicking yourself? Don’t be too hasty. Here’s how to magically turn your new-old MacBook Pro into a truly new-new model at no cost and maybe even get some money back into the deal!

Apple has an exceptionally generous ‘return and swap’ deal for buyers who’ve been caught in the upgrade trap.

The only conditions are that you bought your MacBook Pro in the 14 days prior to the update – which means any time from April 1st (and no we won’t make any jokes about you being a fool) – and of course the machine should ideally be in as-new condition.

Take your MacBook in its original packaging back to the Apple store from which you bought it (or contact Apple on 133 622 if you bought it online) – and don’t forget your receipt to prove the date of purchase.

There’s no ‘restocking’ fee – you’ll be able to choose your new-new MacBook Pro and pay the difference if you’re stepping up to a higher model or get a refund if the updated model is now cheaper than what you paid last week.

(What happens to your ‘old’ MacBook Pro? It’ll end up on Apple’s ‘refurbished Mac‘ store where it’ll be sold at a marked-down price).