So big it’ll fit two PCs: Cooler Master HAF 912 review

From a distance the HAF 912 looks like someone got one of those ultra-chunky rubber iPhone cases stuck it in the expander-matron and stretched it around a PC case. Sadly the HAF is made of plastic not rubber but it still looks like it could take a beating.

After resisting the urge to drop it down the stairs to test the structural integrity we cracked it open and got to work. The shiny black theme is continued all the way through right down to the tool-less drive bay locks and internal screws.

The inside of the 912 is nicely laid out with plenty of cable management options a bottom-mount PSU and the biggest motherboard tray cut-out we have ever seen. Seriously you could fit an entire second smaller PC through it. You also get four 5.25in optical drive bays and six 3.5in slots for that RAID setup you’re dying to build.

The HAF features the standard two front-mount USB audio and eSATA ports next to nicely understated power and reset buttons. In the floppy drive position of days gone by the 912 has dual USB 3.0 compatible ports. These need to run all the way out the back of the PC and plug into your motherboard but there is a dedicated hole and rubber grommet for them.

The HAF also includes a shallow little tray on top that we love as it’s the perfect place to dump keys and our growing collection of USB flash drives. Airflow in the HAF is good with massive 200mm fans mounted front and top forcing air over your drives through your system and out the top of the case.

There is also a rear-mounted 120mm fan to keep the air near your CPU cooler and there is room to add an extra fan on the side window. The 912 also supports water cooling and has mounts for an external radiator as well as tube exit ports.

While the HAF doesn’t come with a PSU it offers almost all the high-end features you crave in a case without needing to dip into the video card budget.

Available from Cooler Master retailing for $139.
APC rating: 9/10 (Editor’s Choice)