Snapdragon-powered Lenovo Skylight debuts

Yesterday Lenovo announced that it was updating some of its notebooks in the T and W series. Today Lenovo has unveiled its first smartbook called the Skylight. The Skylight won’t ship until this spring in the U.S. and later in the year for other countries. The machine runs the Qualcomm snapdragon platform. You might recognize Snapdragon as a smartphone platform as well.

The platform uses an ARM processor and features a 10-inch screen. Storage is 20GB inside the Skylight and an additional 2GB of online storage space is included. The snapdragon processor runs at 1GHz and exactly how much RAM the machine offers is unknown. The device is built around battery life and Lenovo claims the machine is good for 10 hours per charge. Like most manufacturer battery life estimates that is sure to be an optimistic number.

The Skylight is designed for going online and it will be offered as a standalone machine. It will also be bundled with 3G service in some areas at a discount. As of now the Skylight has debuted on the Lenovo U.S. site and it wasn’t on the Australian site at the time of writing. The machine is carrying a retail price of $US499 or $545 here with straight conversion. AT&T in the U.S. will offer a subsidized version and the machine is expected to ship to other countries later in the year.