SLIDESHOW: Intel’s hot new Moblin 2.1 OS

Moblin 2.1 which is based on Linux has an iPhone-style software development kit for developers that will allow them to build applications that can work on devices with screens as small as smartphones through to notebooks with larger displays. (It will be up to developers to decide whether they want to build “one size fits all” apps or apps that are targeted at specific screen sizes though.)

Intel also revealed that Moblin 2.1 includes support for Flash and Silverlight so interactive web applications can run inside web pages on all Moblin 2.1 devices unlike the iPhone which only displays standard web pages.

Microsoft says Moblin’s capability to display Silverlight will be a way for developers to build apps that work on both Windows and Moblin. “Using Silverlight’s cross-device cross-browser cross-platform technology developers will be able to write applications once and have them run on Windows and Moblin devices – expanding the reach of Silverlight applications to more consumers regardless of whether the device they’re using is a PC TV or phone” said Ian Ellison Taylor general manager Microsoft Client Platforms and Tools.

Intel demonstrated the new Moblin interface to media and attendees of its Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. Here are the pics!

[#PAGE-BREAK#Moblin’s inbuilt apps#]

The clock and calendar screen on Moblin 2.1 that blends a world clock alarms and your upcoming calendar.

Recent calls integrated with your contact list.

Integrated social networking updates on Moblin.

Current activity on your Moblin blending email with current media playback and other stuff as it happens like social networking updates.

[#PAGE-BREAK#Control panels#]

The very iPhone-style wireless control panel for Moblin.

Groups of applications in Moblin OS X control panel-style.

[#PAGE-BREAK#Palm Pre-style sliding panes#]

The sliding app window interface on Moblin.

More sliding panes.

More sliding panes showing the browser alongside the Moblin camera.

[#PAGE-BREAK#The Moblin home screen#]

The Nokia N97-esque Moblin home screen integrating missed calls recent news updates RSS social network updates upcoming calendar items and your favourite apps.

Close-up of a tweet appearing on the Moblin home screen.

Another tweet close-up.

A recent movie trailer pulled onto the Moblin home screen via RSS. Intel promises Moblin will include all the video CODECs needed for consumption of media from the net.

Upcoming calendar items on the Moblin home screen.

[#PAGE-BREAK#Fennec browser on Moblin#]

The Firefox-based Fennec browser built into Moblin. That “MOB” news site looks surprisingly like the BBC… hmm…

Facebook showing in the Fennec browser provided with Moblin.

Intel’s kookie marketing campaign for Moblin — we’re not sure what the exact significance of the giant cat chasing the tiny screaming pink human is but whatever…!

The Moblin home screen again pictured on the IDF stage.