Skype puts Windows Phone 7 on hold

Skype is working full steam ahead on an app for the iPad and the next-gen iPhone but users of Windows Phone 7 will have to take a number and wait… and wait… and wait.

Skype’s Asia Pacific Vice-President Dan Neary says that Microsoft’s forthcoming smartphone OS is not a priority when it comes to mobile platforms.

“We try and focus not only where the need is but where the best experience is and we feel  that the best areas for us to develop are on the operating systems that we currently support – iPhone Symbian BlackBerry and now Android” Neary told APC during a press briefing in Sydney today. “We simply feel that those operating systems (have) a much better user experience”.

Neary said that while a Skype app for Windows Phone 7 “is on the roadmap the question is how quickly we’re going to get to it. We feel that we are best best deployed on other operating systems (for now) and we’ll see how the space evolves.”