Skype adds monthly subscription plans

Skype has introduced monthly subscription packages to complement its existing Pay As You Go and Unlimited World rates.

The new plans covers calls to landlines and mobiles in over 170 countries with bundles from 60 minutes to 400 minutes as well as unlimited calls.

The cost depends on which countries you need to call and whether you’re content to dial only landline numbers or want to add mobiles into the mix.

For example 60 minutes of landline calls to the UK costs $1.50 per month going up to $2.70/month for 120 minutes $5.50/month for 400 minutes and unlimited (subject to Skype’s ‘fair usage policy’) for $8/month.

Adding the option to make mobile calls as well as landlines bumps the bill up to $16 per month for 60 minutes and $30 per month for 120 minutes.

But for Singapore Hong Kong and China mobiles and landlines are included in the same $1.50 per month plan of 60 minutes of talk time with unlimited calls at an insane $8 per month.

By comparison Skype’s Pay As You Go rates for all three destinations are 2.7c per minute.

The Unlimited World package remains at $16 per month for calls to unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones in 40 countries.

Unused minutes don’t carry over from month to month and if you hit your monthly call limit you’ll have to switch to regular pre-paid Skype credit or buy an additional one-month subscription.

Skype also offers extra minutes if you sign up for a monthly package as a yearly subscription and cuts the price for unlimited calls if you ink a three month or twelve month payment option.