Sex robot offers social networking [NSFW]

If your idea of the perfect woman is someone who says “Where are you going to put that?” when you hold her hand but who also has a USB port then Roxxxy the Sex Robot might be the best $9000 you’ve ever spent.

A prototype of the True Companion robot was demonstrated at the Adult Entertainment Expo by creator Douglas Hines who joked that it might have been more appropriate for the adjacent Consumer Electronics Show.

“She has a computer she has IO boards she has servos she has a battery pack she has an accelerometer she has touch sensors and pressure sensors throughout her body” Hines said. “She’s anatomically consistent with a real person. She has three inputs so what you could think of with a woman she could do.”

Much of the development effort for the robot was focused on developing artificial intelligence personality software and ensuring realistic interactions in a non-sexual context. “It doesn’t have to be sexual. We’re more interested in creating companions and friends and building upon because sex only goes so far and you have to talk to the person”.

The company describes this as “social networking features” though there’s no Facebook integration to speak of.

“I spent many years creating and developing this application for the community” Hines said. That development approach is reflected in the pricing which will fall between $US7000 and $US9000. A subscription plan for software updates will also be offered.

The doll can be switched between a range of personalities including Frigid Farrah Wild Wendy S&M Susan and Mature Martha. Owners can also develop their own personalities for the doll and can “swap” personalities between models. “It’s almost like wife swapping or girlfriend swapping without all the implications that are involved with that” Hines said.

A male version of the doll dubbed Rocky is also planned.