Server tour: UID LED, USB and Panel

Immediately to the left of the power supplies we can see a UID LED –
one of these LEDs are present on the front and another on the back of
the server in order to assist with the identification of the server
that you’re working on. We also see the two network interfaces plus
keyboard mouse and video ports.

to the left a serial port and two USB ports can also be found. The
IPMI interface is above the USB ports – this port is generally plugged
into a management network and a web server is running on this interface
which provides the ability for administrators to remotely work on the

A small panel can be popped out from the front of the server which
provides an at-a-glance overview of server health. In this image an
orange LED is illuminated on one of the power supplies indicating that
it’s not plugged in or not operating properly.

panel neatly folds away allowing you to access the UID and power
buttons optical drive and front VGA port (even if you use KVM
switches in a data centre environment it’s always a good idea to have
a spare USB keyboard/mouse and LCD screen handy to take advantage of
these ports in an emergency).

When the UID button is pressed on the front the button is illuminated by a (very) bright blue LED…

 …and if you walk around to the back of the rack the UID LED on the back of the same server is also illuminated.

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