Sengled Pulse review

In what is as unlikely a pairing as we’re likely to see in the gadget world, the Sengled Pulse combines a smart LED light bulb with a JBL multi-channel stereo wireless speaker.

It’s one of those solutions where you didn’t realise a problem existed, but if you’re a fan of minimal décor, the Sengled Pulse frees you from the tyranny of having a visible speaker system and power cord.

The irony is that while you’d be likely to buy this for the smart lighting functionality and have the speaker as a bonus, the Sengled works better for music playback than it does lighting.

For starters, the settings you can tweak on the LED light bulb are minimal. It only supports the one colour, 2700k warm white, so you can only adjust the bulb’s brightness and turn it on and off using the Sengled Pulse app.

Since it connects via Bluetooth, there aren’t any options for turning the light on or off remotely or connecting it to IFTTT, either.

The integrated speaker is surprisingly good, with a decent amount of bass and stereo separation. If you have more than one Sengled Pulse (which is the case when you buy the $349 pack), you can set them up as left and right channels for proper stereo sound.

The downside is that it makes the overall light bulb quite large, and finding a light fixture or lamp that’s large enough to accommodate it can be challenging.

The Sengled Pulse is a cool idea, but you’ll get much better value for money buying a LIFX Color 1000 and spending the balance on a decent Bluetooth speaker.

Price: $349
From: Sengled

Rating: 3 stars out of 5