Seems Paul Thurrot can’t make up his mind

OPINION | I don’t normally worry when I read crappy articles that make no sense but on this occasion I’m going to have to take exception and take Paul Thurrot to task over his review of Leopard.

He makes no sense. In the first line of the conclusion he says:

“Leopard” is the real deal a mature and capable operating system and a worthy competitor to Windows Vista. But then so was Tiger Leopard’s predecessor.

So Tiger which is nearly two years old is a worthy competitor to Vista. And Leopard is good. Thumbs up. Ok keep that in mind when you read not more than 2 paragraphs later:

That Apple was only able to come up with something that’s roughly as good as Vista is both surprising and telling I think. Leopard just isn’t better than Vista.

Ok so now Leopard isn’t that good.

But it gets better with the last line:

Leopard is an excellent product. Mac users will upgrade immediately or purchase new Leopard-based hardware with no regrets and that’s just fine. But if you’re a Windows user sitting on the fence Leopard doesn’t change the switcher equation at all.

Oh no sorry Leopard is good just not good enough to create switchers.

Well Paul frankly if I was John Gruber I’d call you a Jack-ass. Firstly one of the biggest selling features of Leopard is a thing called Boot Camp – exactly the feature that will make it easier for switchers and will change the equation. Anyway with over 50% of sales to switchers now Apple is obviously doing something right.

You’d think Boot Camp would in fact be the most important feature for Paul to discuss with his readers however in his ‘balanced’ 5600 word review he spends only 158 words discussing it – just under 3%.

It’s time for SuperSite readers to get their news from somewhere else.