Samsung wants “number two” spot after Apple

MWC 2010 Barcelona | Despite being the new kid on the smartphone OS block Samsung has its eye on taking second place in the app store market – even if that means overtaking the combined efforts of Google Microsoft RIM and Nokia.

It’s also an admission that no-one can come within striking distance of Apple. The mobile app race has been run and won and the real contest is for second place.

So it is that Samsung has its eye on the silver medal and the not-quite-so-tall podium.

Tyler McGee Vice President of Telecommunications for Samsung Australia agrees that Samsung is “definitely” gunning for the number two slot in the mobile apps market despite the fact that Bada adds yet another OS to the mobile mix .

“As a developer you want to go where there’s the most people and there will be many people who are current Samsung users or will move to a Samsung smartphone in the future” McGee says. “It comes back to the scale and size of the available market.”

APC put the same question to Doug Fisher Intel’s Vice President for System Software with regards to the new Linux-based MeeGo OS announced this morning by Intel and Nokia.

But Fisher isn’t interested in lining MeeGo up against Apple.

“It’s not about the number of apps you have” Fisher says. “We see MeeGo as a platform for a wide range of devices from netbooks to connected TV sets and CE devices so you can have one great app across all your devices. So it’s all about the quality of apps rather than the quantity”.

David Flynn is attending Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona as a guest of Samsung.