Samsung preps 7 inch Android slate – and yes, it’s called the S-Pad!

Apple has the iPad Asus has the Eee Pad and Google is planning a gPad – so when Korean colossus Samsung put a slate on its plate the name was almost a given!

The S-Pad will hit in the second half of this year as previously revealed by with a Samsung executive outlining the key specs to Korean tech site ET News.

The 7 inch touchscreen tablet will run Android (rather than Samsung’s Bada smartphone OS) with a bright AMOLED display and both Wi-Fi and 3G.

In addition to conventional slate functionality and USB synchronisation for Windows ET News reports the S-Pad will double as an ebook reader and be able to download apps from the Samsung Apps store.

Samsung is in an exceptionally strong position to builds its own slate as the company already produces almost all the components needed. Samsung’s ARM chips power the iPhone (although Apple is expected to shift to its own A4 processor in the imminent fourth-gen iPhone) and its own Hummingbird series already hits 1GHz.

Samsung’s inventory also includes displays RAM chips and solid state memory Wi-Fi and 3G chips and just about everything else you need for a DIY slate.