Rumors peg Apple tablet for March or April

I’m not convinced that there is a large enough market for dedicated tablet computers to go mainstream. However had someone told me about a touch screen only phone in 2007 before the iPhone turned up I might have thought the market for such a device didn’t exist. Rumors of the Apple tablet computer widely expected to be called the iSlate just won’t die.

The latest round of rumors has Foxconn’s panel making subsidiary Innolux pegged as the screen supplier for the initial shipments of the Apple tablet. Later machines could get screens from Wintek as a second supplier. The Apple tablet was rumored to be debuting this year but that time frame was changed to a Q1 2010 release according to speculation. The reason for the delay reports DigiTimes is that the screen of the tablet needed to be made stronger.

Foxconn subsidiary G-Tech Optoelectronics is said to be providing a glass strengthening process for the tablet. The rumors now have the tablet being announced in January 2010 with shipments expected to start in March or April. I’ll believe it when I see it.