ROUND UP: Top 10 apps for Aussie iPhones

With lots of apps now available for the iPhone working out how best to arrange your 16 home screens’ worth of apps can be vexing. Obligatory apps like Units Wikipanion AIM and AroundMe are all great but local Australian iPhone developers are getting onboard the iPhone express and building local apps that help Aussies make the most of their iPhones.
Here’s a list of our favourites so far:
Local developer Nick Houghton provides detailed timetable information for the Melbourne and Perth public transport system. The Metro apps use the built in AGPS to work out where you are and suggest the closest stop (tram train or bus) and even shows you how to get there. Price: $3.99 (a free ‘lite‘ version is available)
Similar to Metro Perth iTT Perth provides public transport information for Perth. It’s location aware so can tell you where your nearest stop is. It’s fractionally cheaper than Metro Perth at $2.49. Admittedly you’d be nuts to pay attention to a $1.50 difference (the dregs of a cafe coffee) when it comes to choosing which app to use. Why not buy them both and skip the banana bread this afternoon 😉 
This app gives you details about how to get from point to point but at present doesn’t provide up-to-date timetable information. I’m surprised Metro Melbourne and Perth functionality hasn’t arrived in Sydney yet but no doubt it will show up soon. Perhaps it’s due to the difficulty of untangling Sydney’s hoplessly complicated public transport system and putting it into an iApp. Also compared to the other public transport apps Tube Sydney is severely overpriced. Price: $12.99
If you find the default weather app on the iPhone inaccurate you’re not alone. Pocket Weather AU gets its data from the Bureau of Meterology so it’s as accurate as you’ll get. Pocket Weather supports hundreds of locations for forecasts and observations and all the various rain radars around Australia including the new 512K ones. Price: $2.49
Another app that provides local weather information with a different layout to Pocket Weather AU. While both apps provide radar information OzWeather takes it a step further by centering the radar on your local based on your GPS coordinates. Price: $2.49
If you’re constantly looking up Aussie postcodes this is a must have app. Search for postcodes by number or name. Much faster than loading the Auspost website in Safari. Price: Free
Perfect for frequent flyers the Qantas iPhone app lets you search and view all Qantas timetables and information about airports. While the app only has basic functionality look for Qantas to expand its functionality to include the ability to book tickets and display electronic boarding passes in the near future. Now that would be a good reason to fly Qantas (you’ll just have to nervously ignore the possibility of a gaping hole in the side of the plane.) Price: Free
A simple translator for Aussie Slang. Great for tourists looking to understand what Aussies are saying. Price: $1.19
Provides a complete listing of all public toilets in Australia with GPS functionality to work out your closest public toilet. Perfect when you need to go but you don’t know where to go. Price: $1.19
Wooden spoon award – Australian Population Check
For less than $2 you’ll also be able to keep abreast of the Australian Population. This is a pretty simple app and one that’s probably not destined for your dock. Frankly it’d be a rip-off even if it was free. But it’s a sure-fire favourite with employees of the Australian Bureau of Statistics… Price: $1.19

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